Treat Your Horse With Love

Horse d'oeuvres

Horse d'oeuvres

Treat Your Horse With Love

Horse d’oeuvres Horse Cookies

All natural home-baked horse cookies

Horse d’oeuvres horse cookies is a mother/daughter team located in Boulder, Colorado. Co-founder and daughter, Lisa, was one of those little girls who had the desire to always to be with horses. Thanks to her incredibly supportive family and the love from her heart horse, Cat, all of her dreams came true. Because of her undeniable love (and obsession) for Cat and hope that every equestrian can share their love, Horse d’oeuvres  was born.

Through our heart shaped cookies, we believe equestrians can be united by one thing: our love for the horse.

Horse d'oeuvres horse cookies

Treat your horse with love!

Horse Cookies by Horse d'oeuvres

Performance Horse Cookies

48oz performance Horse Cookies

Our performance horse cookies are made with SO much love!

Our all natural performance horse cookies are home-baked and have been tested and approved by the Department of Agriculture. Because of our protein levels, our cookies are “performance horse quality”. They are perfect for your show horses! To top it off, they have a great shelf life! With 75-85 cookies per 48oz jars, your cookies are promised to last (unless you’re Cat, she devours the 85 cookies in about 2 weeks).

48oz cookie jars of homemade deliciousness for your performance horses are only $24!

Click HERE to order a freshly baked batch for your heart horse.