Treat Your Horse With Love

Meet Preppy Cat

Meet Preppy Cat

Where do we even begin with this special girl?! She truly is the heart of this company.

Lisa purchased Cat when she was 13-years-old and Cat was only 3. Cat is an “Off the Track Thoroughbred” or an OTTB and is registered with the Jockey Club as Preppy Cat. She was born at the Santa Anita racetrack on April 25, 2001 where she raced a whopping 3 times. Proving herself to be MUCH better off the track (and we are SO grateful!). She quickly found Lisa and they instantly fell in love.

How Lisa & Cat met

Lisa will never forget the day our beautiful girl came off of the trailer fresh from the racetrack at her new home in Northern California. She was a complete nut job! But Lisa saw a special look in her eye and it was love at first site. After months of riding her for fun, she decided to write a big report to her family explaining why Cat needed to be a part of the family. On October 8th of that year, their dream came true and Cat officially was a part of the family. I think it’s safe to say that adding her to the family was the best decision ever!

Horse showing

Cat’s show name is “That Darn Cat” (to this day, we always get a giggle when the announcers say “That Daaaaaarn Cat”!). Over the years, Lisa and Cat have competed up and down the state of California. They got to go to beautiful places! Palm Springs, Pebble Beach and the Central Coast to name a few of their favorites. Most recently have moved to Colorado and compete throughout Colorado and New Mexico. In 2016, Cat received her first ever Zone Horse of the Year Award. It was such an incredible accomplishment!

Two peas in a pod

What is so special about Cat, you ask? Well, it’s almost impossible to put into words other than she is the other half of Lisa (yes, Lisa’s husband knows and fully understands!). They have been through it all together and no place is “home” until Cat has officially moved there. The two moved together  from high school to college to graduate school to married life and will continue to follow each other wherever they go. So as you can see, Cat goes everywhere with Lisa! If they could be attached at the hip, they totally would be!

The two know each other like the back of their hands/hooves. They have special calls for each other, multiple nicknames, they know exactly how to push each other’s buttons and it is so obvious how much they love each other. Hang out with the two for about 30 seconds and you will get it! Also, Lisa rarely calls her “Cat”… her nickname is “Keekers”. Weird, we know. You can thank Lisa’s dad for that! He’s the brilliant one behind the nickname.

And yes, WE HAVE A CAT NAMED HORSE. How could we not?! 🙂

Treat your horse with love.

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